The Game is to be Sold, Not to be Told.

UNDERGROUND is not about being mean. Gandhi was kind but he wasn't complacent.

UNDERGROUND is rapping in german and rocking a hawk on yr chainmail glove, with yr pale ass face and yr black on black lid cocked to the side

UNDERGROUND is about getting glue on yr fingers, mmmmmmk, precious?

UNDERGROUND is when u spend years toiling in lonely obscurity as u attempt to recompose the way u think and speak after the fateful, tragic, liberating, magical moment in which yr mind got blown and u lost yr language.

UNDERGROUND is not about the masses or the lack thereof. what makes a scene ferreal is when there's room for everyone but a need for no one. that's the real definition of exclusive.

UNDERGROUND is a part of america. don't be narcissistic enough to believe that u can somehow exist outside the system. perhaps for a second or two, but then the whole thing unfurls and wraps around u like a flag...

u get to eat america but not before america eats u first...

UNDERGROUND is historically where u MEAN things--there in the dark beneath the surface of a world that's lost all meaning. then came those who believed that true meaning was arbitrary, and that the essential state of the world was meaninglessness. and so they made art and writings that expressed this in weird and wacky ways as well as over-the-top boring ways too. then, more recently, have come those who are tired of everything being everything and so they are working to reinstall meaning, like u reinstall an operating system. they want to believe in some sort of nietzchean ubermensch mentality and they look to BRAND TRUEBOY for some of that when really im only here to show them how it doesn't matter a goddamn bit what u think--in the end we all fall apart, dirt mcgirt. asses to asses. dust to dust.

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