Pinky Ring Shit.

this aint school.

and blogging is not my motherfucking hobby.

i don't have a game plan, i don't fit in.

i dont have any friends, or rims that spin.

im not gay, but im not straight,

i lie to get my ends, like nixon with watergate.

im not sitting on the couch, im not taking yr test.

i wont tell u my real name, but i'll carve my initials in yr chest

i dont have a deal and i dont have a chain

but ive got yards of flow that pour down like rain

(mtv moves too fast, i refuse to understand)

im gonna sit down, in order to make my last stand.

im more than real and im faker than fake.

im the brand new era, and it feels great.

im the brand new era, but it came too late...


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