my favorite are those with the pinched expressions and the pins on their bags that say, "No Blood For Oil!" as if blood for some other reason is OK. as if there really could be such a thing as a just war...as if this country would be able to last a single week without oil. once all the machines stopped working, and the cars wouldn't run, and the drinking water could no longer be distilled how long do you think law and order would hold up before the riots took over?

no blood for oil...that's right, drive your car to the protest and thank god that there's gas to be had when you pull up to the pump.

now go ahead and tell me that there's enough oil in texas...or alaska or russia...and that we don't need the middle east. OK. well what about europe? don't they need oil too? would there be enough for them to use as well? are you sure? because we need to make sure that they're OK. remember what happened when they fell onto hard times after the first world war...

no matter what you think about the u.s., you've got to admit, it's tough being the world's sole superpower.

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