i can't hear gwenn stafani and if that is her she sounds like a dude.

i'm listening to moby. on headphones. do you think that means i'm dying?

here i am. blogging. it's funny i made that other user name ("theartistformerlyknownas") and I already forgot the password. oh, well. it sucked anyway. TRUEBOY it is.

i remember the time i didn't post as fitzcarraldo for so long that not only did i forget the password, but i also forgot how i spelled the name in the user id, which is different from how it shows up in the "by____" part. it took me a million tries to get it right, but eventually i did. it's like i always say, the good thing about short term memory loss is you remember whatever it was, eventually.

holy shit the artpepper is good looking. so is his girl. her eyes are like, blinding me.

i like when couples have their faces pressed together like that.

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