"It was on sleepless nights that you had thought it all out, in a state of great excitement, with palpitations of the heart and supressed enthusiasm. And this supressed, proud enthusiasm is a dangerous thing in young people."_crime and punishment P463.

...run a carbon black test on my jaw, and you will find
it's all been said before...

only now i have a sheepish grin

like a silver fence threaded with shiney green vinyl,

in front of which little girls in old navy jeans

ride scooters and talk to one another on walkie-talkies.

"what the fuck? what the fuck?" they shout into the sad, neon colored things.

i'm standing beneath the blue streetlight

i'm waiting for it to rain

Rain down

All the pain

All the hurt and pain


"making people to make art to make people to".




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