i like this--"industrialized,with a modern coat", as though to say that being industrialized is no longer modern. well, i suppose it isn't, if by modern you mean contemporary, and not the era of art and literature in the early 20th century (Wolf, Mann, Joyce, Jazz).

it's true that the west is post-industrial, party people. the factories are closing down and moving east, where it's cheaper. in the space where we used to make things we're instead post-modern, post-colonial and definitely post-production. we pay our farmers to produce food that sits in warehouses and rots because we couldn't possibly consume all of it.

(they'll stuff as much cheap corn as they can into that malt liquour, or that happy meal...they feed it to the millions of rows of mutated chickens and mass produced pigs and lambs to the slaughter and STILL they'll have tons left over to rot to be burnt or made into stuffed animals... i don't know what the fuck they do with it, not give it to the starving people of the world, that's fer sure. i mean, that would require airplanes, it would cost money)

and anyway i imagine what the people of the starving nations really want is a chance to compete in the markets, fair and square, but how can they hope to compete with subsidized farmers in rich ass countries in the EU let alone the U.S.

and anyway, who's got the new britney?

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