welcome to the real world

That's me, btw. No smoke, no mirrors, no photoshop filters.

I wish I could front with a pair of frameless shades and say, "All I am offering is the truth," in my best Larry Fishburne voice, but we all know that I can offer you much, much, more than that...

(...lies and betrayals, fruit-covered nails
electricity and lust...)

I'm leaving it up to you, party people.

Do you want to click on your little link to BRANDTRUEBOY and have everything just the way it always is, with the three of us running around and getting into fucked-up adventures?

Or do you want to know just how far down this rabbit hole goes?

In other words, I'm asking, do you want the red pill or the blue?

Old skewl or new?

The brand or the true?


I feel like Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, when he gets up to karaoke to "More Than This".

"OK, this is hard," he says.

It is.

hey alana

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