Station 2 Station

"...the return of the thin white duke, throwing darts in lovers' eyes."--David Bowie, S2S

It's time for a "real" post, i keep telling myself. Something that's not from the book-in-progress, like the last few, but a BLOG post, a Raymi-like stream about whatever. This was the equation i tried to blur in the early days of BRANDTRUEBOY. The so-called "Realness" of a piece was measured by its length divided by the amount of time it took to write it. As a way of fucking with this I worked long and hard to make the characters' posts read as tho they'd "just happened" in a stream of consciousness transcribed hurriedly in dimly lit bedrooms and cafes in between slutty, stoned adventures. I purposefully made spelling and grammatical mistakes--I took the crystallized thought conglomerates that had formed between the pressurized folds of my brain and smashed them into pieces that i scattered across my innernets. The meat of the matter was expressed in sautéed and stir-fried bite-sized chunks of posts and comments, and flavor was what mattered most.

I designed Freudian slips and remembered to occasionally forget what I was talking about.

I played with notions of doubles, twins and ghosts. I had couples fucking in front of mirrors--infinity ripped open for a nano second or 2.

Fuck identity. Fuck copyrights.

We are on the eve of a brand new Renaissance, the scale and achievement of which will far surpass that of the last one. Whereas the last great explosion of thought was in actuality a revival and revision of the philosophy, art and science of the Ancients, (especially the Greeks) this time it will be that as well as the taking of the next step. The whole question of the relation of the Self to the Other is not, as it turns out, going to be answered but changed into the question of the self and the other...without capitals...thereby representing interchangeable social objects between which neither one is master...hence the distinction between them will blur. I think this is and will result in a fundamental change in the way we think.

I don't find it coincidental that the tsunami of three years ago struck in the same manner as the change which has already begun--the crest of the wave was so long, that in most cases it did not approach the shoreline as a towering wall of water, but as a slowly rising slope, the front of which sizzled towards civilization with foamy fingers, as tho giant Neptune himself was fully outstretched with his hands reaching for the shore.

I'm not making light of or belittling the tragedy of what happened three years ago by likening this deep mega change to those huge destructive waves that destroyed everything that had the audacity to be standing in its path. There will be no stopping the change, no stopping the onslaught of our own past, dredged up like the million year old sludge from the ocean floor that the waves plastered across living land.

So many will be playing on the shore when the change rolls in--they won't know to have already taken higher ground IN THEIR MINDS.

This used to be real estate
Now it's only fields and trees
Where, where is the town
Now, it's nothing but flowers

Technology will be rendered at once meaningless and the only thing that matters. The failure of systems will create the need for better systems which will not fail. This new network will become that which defines us, as humans.

Here I am, blabbing on about all that will be, all that is already unfolding, opening up like petals on a black bough before the rain. All you have to do is stand still and you can see it. But enough about that. Yr the only one i tell this too. All my life my goal has been to fit in. I'm lucky--what makes me a weirdo is mostly not obvious. I remember back in high school in Jersey. We'd be sitting at the counter in Dunkin Donuts, high out of our heads with a cream and sugar filled coffee when not one, not two but 7 cops come strollin in for their fried dough fixes. I had to act like I belonged there, like it was all the most logical thing in the world, which of course it was, to anyone but me, who already felt like another species but added to this feeling was now one of being high, and not only observing everything that happened but actually UNDERSTANDING crucial things about the way it was all set-up, life liberty and the pursuit of cash, there in the crossroads state, with its strip mall mentality and stages that were all too small.

Fuck the police, i muttered to the clouds in my coffee.


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blogging is hard lately

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