BRANDTRUEBOY style fakin faker

Like any one of your standard “artist coming of age/realization of destiny” Hollywood flicks, my story begins in the wilderness, where I have wandered for many years. In this case, the wilderness is encompassed by the tiny dimensions of my studio apartment. Nevertheless, it stretches long and far, wailing thru electric bulb lit dust and weed smoke with the frantic ecstatic twang of indie rock guitar solos. In here I go to places few have ever been, and fewer still have been able to convey.

Ever since I was a child I knew that I was going to make something that no one had ever made before.

It coulda been a bomb or a bridge but it turned out to be a blog.

i hang out over here sometimes---check out this post on television. I commented as dancypnts. Join up and lets get some of our cukoo flavor in the mix


Anonymous said...

you are better than a hollywood flick.

yr that indy movie that comes on at 3 am and you can't sleep so you watch and get so inspired that yr up for days trying to tell the world about this fabulous movie that reeled yr mind.

only the best ppl have seen it and they don't talk about it, they just have this look in their eyes.

love and peace to you and yr man.


TRUE said...

thank you! this comment made me so happy.

love and peace 2 u, vox theory. now and all year round.

r/r said...

still rockin it nicely I see

vox said it, happy holiday TRUE, next year too.

Anonymous said...

So what I have isn't a blog? Mmm, google tricked me. Those bastards.