Ascending Platform

Last Nite, New York Fucking City, 10:30 PM , EST: TRANSMITTING LIVE FROM THE SATELLITE ART FART...Listening to Grandaddy and feeling the melancholy that's dogged me all day--for several days, in fact--returning in steady surges. Lately there's a dreamlike quality to waking life, a symptom experienced by those who have extreme depression, which is what i immediately thought it might be. That's how conditioned we are--tho I feel fine (sharp and in shape, both mentally and physically) my immediate reaction to a sensation of dread is that it is caused by something within me. But I realized that wasn't the case--or at least not entirely. It's something in the air--in the spaces between people. It has to do with this awful war and the hate between religions, nations, and ways of life all piling up on top of one another. The sensation is that of a collective "poisoned present"--life shimmers in gorgeous Technicolor hues and soft focus, as tho it was a silent cinematic celebration of its own, rapidly waning existence. There’s the sense of immense loss coupled with the unfettered joy of breaking free from each and every limitation that we have as human beings--as tho we're tap dancing in utter silence at the edge of an enormous precipice. It is like the feeling I have when i watch video clips of people who have died. I’m sad that they’re gone but happy that I’m alive. How tragically beautiful slow motion becomes in such circumstances.

As I glide through the commuter crowds I think to myself how all of this soon will be picturesque ruins…the buildings themselves may still stand, the world may still turn, but our way of seeing it and experiencing it will change so completely that it will be as tho we are in a new world altogether

Synchronicities abound. Coincidences...messages in the music...Ideas reverberating at the speed of innernet. It no longer surprises me. Where once they freaked me out now there's a sense of comfort that I take in the increasing number of similarities. I feel myself getting stronger. I'm able to work harder, faster, longer im a glowing node on the new network. the one that can't be bought or sold or processed, and doesn't want to buy anything sold or processed...the one that treats reality like an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

You out there. Yes you—the one who’s feeling these things too.

Im here to tell you that yr not alone.

Now comes the time when we find one another…


daniel and co.


Robert said...


awesome scribe here

and double kudos to you for giving RS a shout-out

i shot this post around myspace and several other people also loved it

you do tap into that vein quite often, ive noticed :)

TRUE said...

werd robert thx for reading commenting and disseminating. i feel like now there's only one vein, tapped in several places.