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Revolution Next Level is about learning to live outside of time—it’s about realizing that the true history of the Earth is not one of man’s “progress” over nature and himself, but it’s a history of Spirit—of the continuing evolution of our collective consciousness. All my life I’ve studied the mistakes of my parent's generation so that I could try and take their victories to the next level. I found out about the freedom riders and freedom writers and rally criers, the hippies and the beatles and the beatniks. The muhammad ali's and stonewall queens and steve mcqueens wearing leather driving moccasins. I loved/hated all that shit. The more I read, lived and learned, however, the more I realized that there were no mistakes at all--only lessons. I realized that although on the surface the revolutionary spirit of the 60s had been swallowed up and vomited back out there existed a deeper level where ideas had taken root and grew hot house flower-underground green power style. The government crackdowns, assassinations and imprisonments of entire movements, as well as the burn out and drug fueled violence of various individuals is no match for the power of the ideas that were passionately exchanged.

Peace, equality, safety and food for all people. These ideas weren't going to just get shut down by one or two (or three) subsequently lame decades. The 60s were the death knell--in the 70s, 80s and 90s we lived with the corpse of our old ways of thinking and being. We tried to reactivate it, Frankenstein-like, by sucking the world's energy into our American pie, but 9/11 proved that all things really must pass, and American/Western dominance itself turned into a fine white dust on that funeral blue morning.

I’m through analyzing where everything went wrong and critiquing the finer points of the manifestos and ideologies authored by those who blew up during the extended play summer of love…the way the government and personal greed derailed the shit they were working on... I'm more interested in picking up where they left off. They undertook journeys and dismantled mythologies, clearing the way for something new. There was young vs old--not by age but by newness of thought. Many of those folks are old now, but they can be young again if they get back to work. They can be young again with me.

Read Gandhi who influenced King...read the Koran that influenced Malcom X and then read The Autobiography of Malcom x that influenced Spike Lee who influenced Tribe Called Quest who influenced ME.


unrattleable said...

great post!!

Anonymous said...

'..there were no mistakes at all--only lessons'

yes. yes. yes.

simpleton said...

I agree, great post!