Reverse of the Worst

While we're told that everything gets better and better in so many ways, why is it that whenever we look back and see how far we’ve come—all the advances we’ve made, all the things we discovered and named--many of us feel, instead of joy and well-being, a profound sensation of having lost our way? For some of us this feeling is so strong that we choose to cut ourselves off from the real world as much as possible. The innernets form a reflection of the capitalist world from which they sprung, wherein everything is identical but happening in reverse. Instead of trying hard to get ahead many of the smartest people are instant messaging as an artform and hungering for quiet moments at their dead end jobs when they can write a few lines of code that they can give away to the rest of the world FOR FREE. Instead of playing out at rock clubs and dive bars or driving miles down to the strip to the multiplex and BurgerKing and T.G.I.F.s the innernet generation is staying home and blogging about their lonely horniness instead. The innernets seethe with teenage angst. There are millions of Facebook pages and miles of pix. It seems like there should be a way to harvest all of this energy and create a mall of consumption around it but there isn’t. That’s the whole sick, joke and the way that this whole thing can actually be something NEW: in this reflected world it’s about the inverse of buying, which is sharing.

Meet the new boss. So radically different from the old boss in that he/she is not a boss at all.


d said...

and the new employee, who's actually the product and its designer all at once.

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