All Things Must Pass

I fail so often. I remain small, struggling to find my way like a cockroach under fluorescent kitchen lights. And yet I've been shown so much--loved, guided by a friendly, loving hand, a-steering me, grounding me like the chorus of a great rock tune.

Something you could sing along to...something to hold onto in the darkest hour.

Remember to stay firm. Remember to stay focused on the light.

Party People: Love all the things that make your life ordinary. All the little habits, the rituals, the people you've known forever, with their funny quirks and irritating tendencies--love all of that while you still can.

They won't be here much longer.

1 Love in the Dub...

All things must pass, like a drop of water exploding outward.


sweaty toes said...

i am so heartached by that truth that it too often gets in the way of itself and i find i'm focused on the anxiety of loss instead of the contentment of having. aargh.

TRUE said...

me too.

but u know what?

yr still beautiful.

Anonymous said...

what sweaty said, yep.

it makes it hard to stay in the now. i find myself floating.

love this. thank you.