U r Not Me

U r Not Me as I catch a glimpse in the candle flicker--a sudden static blast of the bigger pitcha... U r Not Me getting high like planes and getting so excited about all my ideas that i can hardly type in the password. It takes me three tries and then its only luck that i get in. U r Not me as I put on the New Style (which is actually very old) and bop down the street with my funny sense of self thats all my own, writing wack rhymes in my head and stepping in the puddles and scattering all the stars.

U r Not Me. The hip-hop infiltrator, the mythology creator.

U r Not Me and U r Not My Friends who r so smart--

we invented this new kinda art

U r Not Me--zoning out on the daily into the Black Mirror lying at the end of the innernets...


Anonymous said...

U R Style

unRat said...

i like the idea of u splashing the puddles with yer new crazy sneakers.