@the 2nd Hand Record Shop.

The record shop lady first took an interest in me when she saw me going thru The Specials albums. "I have some more back here," she said. She was in her 40s with thick framed hipster glasses that were red with yellow lightening bolts along the side. The whole place was dingy but not too dusty, which is always a problem for me in these second hands spots. She had posters and 45 covers tacked to the wall and the records in crates on and under folding tables. She showed me some live albums and also some English Beat and The Selector. Later on she directed me to New Order records and 80s Hip-Hop and old Broadway records as I looked for the soundtrack to Chess, with "One Night In Bangkok" on it. (Unfortunately she didn't have it).

"Wow," she said, adjusting her glasses and swiveling a bit inside her 60s-era mod cut polyester smock. "You certainly like a lot of different music." She was rockin an old fashioned librarian vibe that totally werked.

"Yeah," I said, shy as always.

"Most people come in here looking for one specific thing."

I placed the pristine copy of Abbey Road I'd been examining atop the stack of other records I'd already chosen. Over that I placed a still sealed copy of Motley Crue's "Girls, Girls, Girls" and Tom Jones and Art of Noise's cover of Prince's "Kiss".

"I like to look for everything, very specifically," I said, as I took out the credit card I intended to purchase with but never pay off.


.Ophelia. said...

Nice choices ;o)

also I like your new layout its simple and clean. The old one was fabulous though.

Radiohumper said...

Yes to all those choices.

The first time I heard the Tom Jones one I remember thinking, 'damn, I always wondered how that vocal would sound in a man's voice'.

TRUE said...

hey o hey radio

its really the art of noise production that makes that track a slayer. in fact im gonna go start a set with that right now.