u must believe in spring*

We can surely turn the tide.

We can push the tempest by.

*post title from a gorgeous jazz album by Bill Evans and lyrics by Rockers Hi-Fi from their song "Push Push", which is one of my fave songs ev-eh...the echoing dub beats feel like walking down a long empty suburban street just before the rain comes, when the stillness of the waiting trees stretches beneath the swirling about of millions of micro breezes.

i wish there was a way to thank all the musicians who have inspired me not only with their music but with the way they title their shit.

it's like how i luv flyers, and the glossy ads for gallery shows in art forum.

i don't go to the shows...it's all the hope and anticipation represented by design and packaging that gives me my kicks...

It reminds me that life is short...but not short enough not to make plans.

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