The Mixxxyness of the Mix

Yellow lights glow bright like disco on the subway wall

You want something new--

a slowly building anthem, a genius way of describing

the incredible sadness of missing everything about a person even as they're standing right beside you

The moment has come, the time is now, i hear the call.

Of my own voice echoing across the abyss...

This is my last nite on earth remixed from 1996.

The year i hit the bottle, the year after i'd been raped

the year i became a dj

and taped silent mind tape

from which i proceeded to cut and paste...

The morning was grey and damp…in the afternoon urges pass between my hands like porcelain plates, which are soaked and steamed and wiped clean and dry.

Only i will know that the tea and jam stains formed secret maps, upon which my fortune was foretold.

Only i sense what gets washed away, what never gets known and never gets old

Will i be smiling like Donnie Darko when the plane flies into my bed?

Can I live happily without the safety net

when everything's a sign, pointing to my death?

tokyo lovehomaps

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