I flip through the TV channels and wonder how it’s possible to have so much money invested in nothing that anyone actually needs. Clothes, furniture, people… I mean, the world doesn’t need another American Idol. Or maybe it does. Maybe another American idol will help take our minds off the boring ugly real life (i.e., normal) teenagers one sees every day with terrible skin and chemically destroyed hair and jowls drooping like a depressed and overweight 45 year old. The boys have breasts and the girls front with their exposed midriff muffin tops like they’re all that. Which maybe they are…I mean, wtf do I know about normal anyway? Someday soon, it’s going to be “normal” to look around and see enormous mammal bodies rolling around on scooters and robotic easy chairs, feeding themselves constantly and living vicariously through reality tv as they sit heavily, encased in aluminum sided exburbs and surrounded by all the usual material trappings, which have become even cheaper to attain so that everyone has the latest phone and plasma screen TVs in every room… from the age of 16 it’s gonna be mandatory botox twice a year injected along the genetic trajectories of would-be wrinkles, eliminating age and emotion in one shot.

I wanna own only 55 things like this guy


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