im floating out on a sea of hot sick...curled up and feeling like shit with c-span on. in a way it's like the first blog ever--and in a way it's better than a blog cuz it's tv--a stripped down, old skool tv with the single, steady cam and no commentary or editing except at the end when callers call in...as the fever fades me in and out (blissfully thankful it's not e.coli or something worse) i listen as the elected officials of the house debate whether they should pass a bill that makes it illegal for someone to transport an underage girl across state lines to a neighboring or nearby state where abortion is legal without parental consent. regardless of the side that they argue, i find everyone to be earnest, emotional, and oddly respectful... and im thinking about how most people really mean well in their sad sack way which is why they just want to shut off the tragedy of rape and incest but for millions of little girls it's a day-to-day, real-to-real and it makes me want to cry and in fact i did, a little; i know im not giving the moment the right kinda grace, writing thru the body ache but it was there, just a minute ago--I was somewhere in between years, in between the innernet and reality, curled up in my madras covers as the nyc afternoon hummed on outside and i was thankful again, as i have been before that at least it happened in merry ole england where the clinic just up the road from the mouth of the M40 gave out the morning after pill with hardly any fuss at all.

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