we used to get drunk on Chivas and Dole pineapple juice and beat up other girls after school. ok, not me, not really, but i was there and u know how it is after nothing has happened all day and suddenly actions follow actions, and time is felt, not merely known as u get to the clatter and the clang of pans flashing at the center of it...we'd roll up blasting hand on the pump, alternating between cracking up and being deadly fucking serious. my friend and i shared the same name and the same anger managment issues. i just fronted like the peacemaker. the one who wasnt going to let things get out of control. one time i was trying to pull this girl off my friend and as i did the girl said my moms was a whore and i snapped and started beating her with the sprinkler head, right there on her front lawn and i wouldn't stop and she got so scurred she pissed her pants. oh, ok, i heard myself say when i saw the dark stain spread between her legs and smelled the sharp tang of urine, now yr really gonna get it.

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