this aint school

there's a part of me that's brand new and a part of me that's ready to die:

it's the start of a big story...

MY big story

and yr gonna read it all. how it's gonna go down...the accusations and recompense and grief and glorrrrry...

the sound and the motherfuckin fury.

broadcast in dolby digital
live and direkt--

a citywide cinemascope.

i come correct

standing tall as i shop at the mall*

beyond the facts

and beyond the fictional...

bill gates doesnt know the innernet can pop rocky w/mtv alcoholic afternoon, french kiss styles like this...

*Actually I hate shopping but I love shops. Late at nite I head over to Madison Ave and look in all windows. It’s like a museum only better because you have the freedom of the street, where u can smoke and talk loudly on a cellphone or hail a cab and get the hell out of there at that very second, if you wanted to. In big museums i can never find the exit.

I love the beautiful, delicate designer clothes draped over headless white human forms. roman hands and gucci fingers. They cover my holes and dress my made-up characters, the ones i spend the day with in my head. I love the long shadows and the darkened cash registers in the background...there is the warm buzz of carmex on my lips as the city lights turn into lasers

steam rises from the empty street like im the last person alive.


the white of my eyes=a flash in the pan

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