k. i'll tell u somethin:

im like no one you've ever met before and no one you'll ever meet again. im a chameleon, i'll fuckin sit so still i wont even blink. i'll just keep watchin and watchin...spacing out between the thought and the action. writing instead of living, acting instead of being. im a mutant from the american suburbs. i was born with the ability to turn off. low blood pressure. even lower heart rate. that's how they'll never know im lying. i slay words like im hannibal lector. white skin. blue eyes. servin the pigs coffee with an ounce in my pants while they search the place... or sittin pretty in the bright orange 2nd class car of a dutch inter-city train, wearing a tight brown dress with an attache case filled with trees and e pills, reading crime and punishment and listening to new order on an ancient phillips walkman.

drinking koffie verkeerd

dreaming of a better tomorrow...

i am the good girl. the A+ student.

i hate violence but it's not true that i've never tried to hurt someone. when u put yrself into rehab at 25 it's not cuz u hurt yrself.

if it had only been about hurting me i coulda gone on forever...

i dont have the heart to be the villian.

im too shy

tho i cum so hard i see lightning.

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