Since my mobileblog posts seem to be lost in the ether u r missing out on all sorts of half-baked pearls...like the picture of my blue suede shoes and my stoned plea for u not to mess with them, or my description of how an elderly woman's stately face lit up as she took in the basement window display of a tiny, antique lamp shop...or my overjoyed pontification about a cane someone left in a doctor's waiting room, and how it gave me hope that I might forget the crutches I carry somewhere too.

i also wrote about the song "one night in bangkok" and how it's the fucking BOMB. i loved that shit when i was a little kid...i remember being down the shore and hearing it on the boardwalk with my parents. the synth sounded great ringing out against the murmuring static of the crashing waves.

i really dug the line, "i can feel the devil walking next to me". i walked between my parents and they each held a hand as my mind drifted out among the dunes, and to the shoreline of breaking waves, where dark shadows appeared and then disappeared in the briny surf.

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