Like Brothers From Another Mother

It's far and away and long overdue that you put up a picture of that wonderful apple ass of yours. doesn't matter, molecular close-up, far away, upskirt, bent over. Something to satisfy the ache of wondering...

that’s a pretty sexy comment. I don’t get too many of those. The shame of it is I WANT to show it all to u. I want u to see my ass and my eyes.

I love u. u invisible people out there.

Yep. I don’t think I illicit so many sexy comments cuz sex is not something I’m really putting out there in a straight forward way (that’s not to say I’m not putting out). And by innernet® I mean that zoneout “online” halo that orbits yr head, where websites and googled bits of information and PDA screenshot flashes swarm together to form yr own personal topography of the internet.

You put yr cyber personality out onto the innernet and allow it to be overlapped by other innernets, which are determined by other cyber personalities.

A person can have more than one cyber personality, just like a person can have more than one real life.

In rare occurances you get two innernets which by all appearances are very much the same, so that when they overlap they seem, from certain angles and in certain light, to disappear into one another.

This was what I realized was happening with Jamie and Daniel Boud, when I saw them sitting together at our large round table at Planet Thailand.

“They look alike, don’t they!?” I found myself exclaiming.

“Hmmm, well,” the other Australians weren’t too sure.

“No ferreal, look at their noses. They have the same delicate nose.”

But then they both turned towards their freshly arrived food and I realized their noses looked nothing alike. Nor did the rest of their faces when you examined each feature separately…but taken together their faces seemed uncannily the same.

“Fuck,” I said, stabbing a ball of sticky, peanut curry soaked rice with my chopsticks.

“I can’t figure it out,” I announced, to no one in particular. There they were. Like brothers from another mother, with the same unusual last name and the same style and chill-ass demeanor.

It was a little hard for me to eat…staring down at the flecks of egg mixed up with the chunks of chicken flesh… “which came first…” I joked with myself, as my mind wandered to the pictures Jamie took of mist covered NYC buildings in the rain…someone made a joke about taking a picture of a picture with a mirror in it and then looking closer and seeing another mirror in the picture, with the picture looking back at u from inside of it…

“of course, of course,” I thought, the joke not surprising my paranoid perspective in the least, as I took a sip of water and avoided my own reflection in the mirrors over the bar.

“Maybe it’s gonna turn out to be like, yr really the same person and one of you is gonna have to kill the other,” I said to Jamie, but he didn’t hear me above the cavernous din of Planet Thailand. Instead, he smiled and asked what I ordered. And I told him and we laughed about how we always order the same thing whenever we come there.

A simple, silly exchange—but I returned to my plate basking in the glow of the calm, cool happiness that Jamie exudes like a perfect, pale light.

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