Stay Inside.

im fascinated by lonely rooms filled with blue light; there should be more songs about blue light...there are a few, im not going to go into them now but the reason i like to vibe on it so much is cuz sometimes i get in that special place (time travelin) when im very still and i close my eyes and press my face against the pillow and wait as the darkness passes by like smoke. there in the center appears a blue light, a bare glowing star out in the distance--and if i breathe deep and remain calm it comes shooting at me and i at it (mind javelin) a blue spinning orb filled with swirling images--which at first appear to be flat, like tv, but as i get closer i experience the tuning fork buzz of real life (which is to say, real depth) in them as they struggle to the surface like babies getting born.

mostly i see faces i dont recognize...things flash past and happen too fast for me catch--like a dvd on 8x fast forward...

sometimes i see fields receding into the distance...there are cityscapes and monuments...red lights in the distance...

aircraft and armies


sometimes i see what appear to be nuclear explosions...over and over, neverending like a waterfall.

(yet even these are like mists in front of something else that i can't see.)

that's when i get up and smoke myself to sleep.


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