im like nas

i blog fer listeners bluntheads, fly ladies and prisoners...

...prisoners locked in their own mind

in their jobs and in their lives...

in the teeny tiny two block radius routine of their social anxiety disorder

i blog fer those who roll up to the party

strapped with a video recorder.

i blog fer everyone who's tried to derail me

scare me

scar my insides and crash me on the couch

with my shoulder hanging off my back and my heart on my sleeve

im growlin at the ghosts lining empty bottles atop my tv

half-dead motherfuckers, who refuse to leave

thx to them, i limp when i walk

thx to them, i stutter when i talk

thx to them, i get a little more deep than u think

(thx to them, at night i get a little less sleep than u think)

i blog for the boulder that keeps pushing me back down the hill

the one i explode into pebbles but comes back still...

i dont blog for the paper

i blog for the chase

i spit the phrase condensed from the halycon haze

bout life on this island and how to survive

how i broke up with my pager but im still ready to ride

(and im still ready to die)

all u gotta do is whisper in my ear...

"C'mon let's go get out of here..."

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