Next Exit

u guys know i love u, right?

i mean, if it wasn't for u...

heya i need to give a shout to tyranny and his girl. i met them when i went out with anti and jamie. the fronts work like a charm. he's tall as fuck and smart and funny, and i think a little shy, like me.

good lookin on the xanax.

i didn't even have to purchase them. they were just remainder drugs from a deal that i happened to be near, there in the back of cheesy ass max fish, of all places.

it could have been a cathedral in france or a restroom in jerusalem...drug deals have a way of stickin to me, like a booger to a nose.


anyway, in unrelated news, i was talking to a friend today about this gay guy at my school who gave such great head that straight dudes were taking the pepsi challenge. oh yeah? my (straight) friend said, raising his eyebrow. it got me thinking...every straight dude who really likes getting head should definitely try it with a gay guy, at least once. just that--nothing else. u know, talk about it before hand. most fags that i know would go for it, if the straight guy's cute and not an asshole...

i learned how to give head from a gay guy.

he taught me mad technique.

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