my idea of PHUN


the first thing i wanted to do was go out and incite a street riot,

but the first thing we have to do

is open our minds.

it was the internet who came out and voted, party people

it was that howard dean, smoked-out vibe

it was blogs and the daily show

it's the knowledge that even if yr the number one faggot freak

and all alone in yr shithole town,

there are places not so far away

where there are others just like you.

in the next four years it's time to build on that concept

we have to celebrate all the shit that makes us different from them

everything they'd like to pave over...

it's time to be in it for the spinach

it's time to bum rush the show

slay them with our love

(not to mention our BEATS)

all their beats, r belong to us!

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