usually it's 3, but right now 12 is the magic number.

Big things happen when yr 12. They did for me. And they did for other chicks too, like Lolita from the book and LaToya from the block.

yr beginning to catch a glimpse of what it's gonna be like when yr not a little girl

a time of great concern

12 monkees, 12 jurors, 12 steps, 12 eggs, 12 nites of xmas...

yr beginning to figure out where you want to be touched...

the months in the year, the gods on the hill, the galaxies in time

and you start to realize that no one can stop you.

even a stopped clock keeps the right time, twice a day...

today i woke up and wandered around in a daze, half naked with the paper and no socks in the bright, freezing air. i've always got the windows open, no matter what the season. i looked at my watch and my heart sank a little when i saw that it was a quarter to 12. it was late--much later than i'd thought. then i realized it was daylight savings so it was really only a quarter to 11. i smiled and rolled on my back. it felt as though i'd been given a present--as though each one of the seconds in this new, free hour existed solely for me to be happy in. the number 12 receded into the horizon, where it waited patiently...

...until all at once there was the first black tuft of a fog warning, stretching towards us...

"here at the edge of it all"

at midnite everything turns crisp and sleek. my gaze is drawn to the metal wind chimes and the fire escape studded with drops

the underside of the trees are lit-up white.

12 chimneys stand in a crooked row

Nosferatu's teeth are on tv

im thinkin i need to hear some rock n' roll tomorrow

like pronto

12 prayers, 12 art exhibits, 12 episodes

12 opening credits for my imaginary movie.

12 spoonfuls of sugar.

12 misconceptions/hour when it comes to little ole me...

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