mama said canuck u out!

yo, i'm sorry to hear about yr heart...having had cardiological issues myself, i know you must be goin thru some shit right now. listen, tho, i found this great new product: Vegannaise. it's not made out of eggs and it has zero cholesterol and I SWEAR ON WHATEVER YA GOT that this shit tastes BETTER than most real mayonnaise. is that badge or what? Vegannaise fakes it so real it is beyond FAKE. that could be an ad! tack on the bit..."just like yr moms" and i think it might even sell in the g. hell, the first health food store opened in harlem a couple of months ago...(and by having ONE store harlem has more than in the entire state of indiana).

so you never know...

after i tried a tiny taste of Vegannaise i was like, super-psyched. plus i was high so you KNOW i slathered that shit on THICK--'happy mayo days are here again', style. it was funny though--when i took a bite, it was a little much. literally--the taste was great but i wasn't used to a sandwich being so wet.

six months ago, when the doc told me i better flip the script, i didn't really know how i was gonna manage, but now i can't even remember how half that shit tasted and i could really care less.

that's something i've been figurin on recently:

it turns out that i don't always want what i think i want, but i keep on after it anyway cuz i'm a creature of habit

i carve my name

i have to stop lecturing myself all the time and try listening instead.

anyway, my t-dot bloodclot, now that you have to lay off the sauce you and raymi should be down for whatever. she's goin dry too. oh i know it's none of my bidness, and that for all i know the two of you got beef right now, but this here is my site and it happens to be all about ME and my extended-play phantasies (i've got another site that's about me and my militia)...so if i want u and raymi to be cool, then u and raymi will be cool, and if i want my entire proplist to be living the life of rockstars without the music, than gosh darn it, i'm gonna treat each one of those bloggers on the left like they're the famous folks they deserve to be. and if i want to be a secret superhero who flies around my mind in my invisible jet and occasionally gets out to stare down the one and only wesssside batman, masked face to masked face--then i'm gonna do EXACTLY that.

there we are: pledging honor among thieves. the barest hint of a smile on each of our lips as we raise our arms and press our gilded, magic-spouting rings together.

thundercats, ho!

yeah so i hope it all works out fer ya, tyranny. incidentally, what did the doc say about puffin? mine didn't say a word, which led me to assume that i could keep on with my girlie smokes.

t-dot, t-dot

wtf is it called that, anyway?

wow. the Word spell check wants to change blogspot to bloodspot.

deep, huh?

...shit. i just read over this post.

i think i'm losing it.

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