and so we all huddled together in the room, drinking 40s and listening to palace. cat's blues--with will oldham howling, and if i could have a clue what justice is, it would be more than i deserve! and at that moment someone pulled open the closet to reveal an american flag draped over the inside of the door...our host staggered over and calmly lit the bottom corner of red and white stripes on fire with his zippo.

at first it only smoldered, but then long orange flames leapt up the flag, heading for the ceiling. everyone was yelling and smashing their beer bottles against the wall.

"I hate u hipster assholes!" i screamed, as the room swirled with orange and yellow carnival lite. no one heard me over the incessant BLEET of the smoke detector.

no one except sterling, that is.

she pressed her hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear:

"i've got yr back."

then she grabbed my hand and led me to safety.


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