what i'd REALLY like is a little carpeted storefront with a person seated at a wooden desk with a brown Formika top (the old school kind that has little, "Meet the Jetsons" designs spinning around in there) who looks like one of the three of us. perhaps they are one of us, it's hard to say...there's a gigantic neon clock on the white plaster wall and not a computer in sight. the person at the desk has a typewriter. or an adding machine. or a fashion magazine and a nail file.

or perhaps instead there's an ancient, rusted cash register that looks like something that was dragged out of the bottom of the ocean and unceremoniously dropped onto the desk. there is no way it would ever function, even if there was something in the store that one could actually buy.

there are some shirts hanging on a small metal rack, but each one of them is different and none of them look particularly NEW and besides, there aren't any tags on anything.

retro hip-hop plays from 2 huge, stark white speakerboxes that hang from the ceiling like communist intercoms.

there is a fat white phone on the Formika. it's something from the late 80s, with a long, curly cord that may or may not be tangled. occasionally it rings an incredibly jarring and ridiculous ring. the actor has to maintain a strict aura of officiousness as they answer, "Hello, BRANDTRUEBOY?"

or maybe it should be, "Hello. BRANDTRUEBOY."

or perhaps just,


i dunno. i've still gotta work some of this shit out.

i'm especially interested in the actress who will play the part of TRUE. i think i'm gonna stop by when it's her shift, fer sere.

maybe she won't mind if i sometimes chill out there for a bit

smoking a cigarette and reading a comic book

bringing her a coffee...

(light and sweet)

and talking in familiar tones

about familiar things...

i can be THAT customer

the kind i always secretly wanted to be...the one who's in with the cool kids who work at the store

the one who gets to hang out, no questions asked, and is first in line when the free shit gets doled out.

the customer all the other customers love to hate--

that's who i want to be.

come on down to the store...u can buy some more more more...come on down to the store...u can buy some more more MORE

shit this thing keeps ringing.

jamie's coming home.

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