What’s up, party people.

The post that previously occupied this space upset someone I respect. So I’m taking it down and hereby apologizing for any misunderstanding.

The post was not directed at anyone. Had it been, I would have posted their name. Underhanded swipes are not my style. If I’ve got shit to say, I say it outright.

The post wasn’t “about” anything, really. I found this picture and I wanted to write something that vibed with it…something with a misanthropic buzz…

You know, a grimy something somethin

I lifted the language from a moment during my senior year in high school. I was at a party when I overheard some “guy friends” of mine talking about how they were going to bang some freshman chicks they perceived to be virgins, a la the movie Kids.

“Hell no I’m not using a condom! If bitch gets pregnant, too bad bitch!”

Needless to say, I was completely grossed out by this. I always knew they were assholes, but this was taking it down to a whole new level. I remember I went outside for a smoke and ended up projectile puking into the bushes…

I’m not sure who I was more pissed off at. The boys who took advantage of those girls or the girls who let themselves be taken advantage of…

Here’s the thing. Recent events in my life have gotten me thinking about what it means to be responsible. I think that information, and not age, is what makes you responsible. Pedophiles are fucked up because they’re having sexual relations with someone who (in most cases) lacks the conceptual framework to understand what sex is. For the sake of the law this has to be defined by an age limit, but in my mind, this is pretty arbitrary. I’ve known nine year olds who had plenty of sex that they seemed to enjoy and nineteen year olds who didn’t have a clue about what happened on the “wedding night”. That said, I hate the overarching tendency in our culture to treat teenagers like idiots. They might lack experience and the wisdom that sometimes goes with it, but they have just as much access to the facts of life as anyone else. It’s just a pile of moral horseshit to make blanket statements about how it’s wrong for kids to do drugs. Why? Because it’s going to damage their precious underdeveloped brains? Por favor. Sugar and TV have already taken care of that, homeslice. If they know where to get top shelf shit, than obviously, their brain is hard enough to take it. As some of you know, I sold coke for a short time a while back. My clientele was the same age as I was: young. Now, I’m not gushing with pride over having done this, but I don’t feel bad about who I sold to. I had a product that they wanted and it was up to them to understand its addictive and destructive powers.

I know I understood...as a child of the 80s I knew EXACTLY what could happen...and I did it anyway and along with booze it ruined my life, express lane, multi-car pile-up style.

Anyway, if ANYONE's going to do drugs it makes more sense to me that kids do them because when you’re a kid you’ve got more time on your hands. Take LSD. Figuring in recovery time, you need to be able to put aside at least a day and a half for a decent, balls on the wall trip.

A day and a half! Shit, baby, I could barely find the time to write this post.


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