i don't like most jokes, unless they make me think. you know, like 'your mamma' jokes and the crackfights they do on that 125 show on BET.

i also like robin williams when he was on coke. he told one joke after another, really fast, so you could never fully recover from laughing. you're like, stop! stop! as the punch lines keep raining down, hitting you in the gut, until you have to hit stop on the DVD because you're going to piss yourself.

alternately, i hate stand-up comics who are real slow and put a bunch of time in between their jokes, in which they stand there eyeing the crowd or playing with the goddamn mic stand. i think it's really big headed of them. what, did they think their shit was so funny we'd be cracking up all that time? por favor.

a joke:

question: what's orange and looks good on a hippie?

answer: fire.

another joke

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