holy shit, i'm really losing it right now...

today, i walked like a zombie through the haze and lights of times sq to the virgin megastore, where i saw the first liz phair album--exile in guyville--on sale and felt a strange compulsion to buy it, even though i'm pretty sure i already have it on CD, somewhere. anyway, i bought it, and just a few minutes ago decided to add a track or two to one of my CDmixtapes. now, that album kicks ass, as everyone should know. there are the usual mixtape selections, 'fuck and run', or 'flower' or 'divorce song' but i've always loved the lesser known, existential tune, 'stratford-on-guy', a song about having a moment in an airplane...of which i've had plenty, nervous flyer that i am...

i love the first verse so much--

"i was flying into chicago at night
watching the lake turn the sky into blue green smoke
the sun was setting to the left of the plane
and the cabin was filled with an unearthy glow
in 27D
i was behind the wing
watching the landscape roll out like credits on the screen...

the earth looked like it was lit from within
like a poorly assembled electrical ball
as we moved out of the farmlands and into the grid
the plan of the city was all that you saw
and all of these people sitting totally still
as the ground raced beneath them
30,000 feet down...

(and then the chorus, if that's what you can call it)

it took an hour
maybe a day
but once i finally listened the noise just went a way"

OK, so anyway the point is i copied this track, and then, for no real reason, i found myself searching "liz phair" on google. actually, the phrase i used was "liz phair marijuana"--don't ask why. anyway, i found this article...a breaking story about a possible plane crash outside of denver in which liz phair was believed to be a passenger!!!!!!!!

is this true? i'm like, too freaked out to even be sad or whatever. it isn't the first time i've vibed something like this.

gotta go.

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