this is what i'm talking about, party people. next level writing doesn't have to be about sex, drugs or rock n' roll. it just has to be REAL.

(of course it always helps if you mention me in a post!)

anyway, unlike my lovely and talented ex, i have a very hard time holding a grudge. it's not in my nature. i think i made my point, now it's time to bury the hatchet.

tony, please select from one of the following peace-making options:

1) Trancontinental smokeout followed by an IM chat in which we compete to see who makes the most spelling mistakes.

2) Start a blog called “popemobile” where we both post our deepest, darkest, most pathetic, guilt-ridden secrets. Shit you're supposed to tell a priest.

3) Start a blog called “abbynormal” where we take turns analyzing the posts each other writes on our other blogs.

4) Settle our differences dropping battle rhymes over IM. UltraB could judge and then take on the winner.

5) Pull down our pants, take a picture, and post it on a special site so that everyone can see, once and for all, which boy has the biggest balls.

ha! yes! seriously, tp, please pick an option. or come up with one of your own. i'm game. or maybe someone else has an idea...


(fer real this time)

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