i just want you to know that since I wrote that thing about the born again christian blog and catholicism, i’ve been receiving major jesus freak spam in my graffiti account, imploring me to save my soul, read the bible, have a talk with god, send in 19.95, etc. coincidence? i think not.

Motherfuckers. they probably have jesus bots out there, crawling the web for keywords and evidence of low self-esteem.

They want to plug me in, make me over and sell my stock. They want me to record a clean version for wallmart. They want me to tune in tomorrow. They want to give me my first 8000 hours for free.

They want to obtain a copy of my CGI and turn it into a life-sized action figure with the American flag draped over its shiny plastic shoulders.

They want to suck my dick but they don’t want to swallow


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