there's a city in my mind c'mon and take that ride and

it's alright

baby it's alright

My high hasn’t kicked in yet. The licorice taste of the pill is still on the back of my tongue. My legs still feel like mine.

I'm going to put on my coat and probably stare at the buttons before I button them just like i'm staring at the letters on the keyboard before I press them, waiting for that satisfying, slightly muffled click (it never lets me down!) and then i'm going to unbolt the series of doors that lead to the outside and i'm going to walk down the street under a sky of dull blue linoleum until i get to the bar, where i'll put my head on the bar...

(and if only i could be sure, that the head on the door was a dr-dr-dream)

sterling's in charge until i get back.

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