TOASTEDBOY, here, getting the biggest high possible...

these motherfuckers won't leave. fitz is pissed, he said he's going out for coffee and when he gets back...man, you could see the dot dot dot hanging in the air. pregnant punctuation. whatever. i'm rolling joints and sending them across the room, not caring if one of these motherfuckers has herpes, not caring if the little fatties come back to me at all.

i've got money in the bank i can still get high...

OK, maybe not, but i've got infinite drug karma, party people.

like, i've done some skeezy things, but i never skimmed off a bag i was holding, and i only cut with a low-grade bag from my fag at dick's, which itself might be buffed up, but that's on someone else.

baby powder is some evil, abrasive shit when you put it up your nose.

anyway, go check out a real blog--seen

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