Keith Haring died of AIDS on February 16, 1990. He was 31 years old...

"The whole thing that I had been following consistently since I had got to the scene two years before..., watching the trains, watching the graffiti on the trains while wanting to participate but not knowing exactly how. Not wanting to go and do my signature, not trying to emulate the way they were doing the pop cartoon thing, but knowing, being respectful of it and wanting to participate and be part of it...then having discovered this new vocabulary, having discovered this black surface which was the perfect material for many reasons."
--Haring, from interviews by John Gruen

"You can’t despair...because if you do, you just give up and you stop. To live with a fatal disease gives you a whole new perspective on life. Not that I needed any threat of death to appreciate life, because I’ve always appreciated life. I’ve always believed that you live life as fully and as completely as you can. Actually, I’ve always felt that if you have a long life, it’s a gift - and you’re lucky if that happens to you. But there’s no reason to count on it."

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