Lieblings Farbe

After a few, flat sober days, my new thing is to score weed in every city or town that I stop in. What constitutes a stop when you're on an award tour? I don't know. It's longer than pulling over to take a piss though. I think the qualifying thing is to have at least one meal. That links up nicely because waiters like to puff. I've got my pitch down. It works best if it's an off hour, so the place isn't packed with everyone running their ass off. I put my "smoke with the best of them" look on--shooting for a cross between Ferris Bueller and Notorious B.I.G., but as a girl. I wait until halfway through my meal to start in with the smiling. Once the heavy lidded soon-to-be-provider comes my way, I make some idle chat before throwing it down, "Soooo, what do folks do for fun around here." Usually, if I've put my chips on the right spot, the answer is something like, "Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I like to get HIGH..."

The rest, as they say, is blue bud history. So far I've got Fairplay, CO and Espanola, NM. I'm working my way down 285--as South as I can get by scamming rides.

Speaking of colors...I finally read your mega-post from the other day, Sterling. Not that I'm not verbose myself. That's one of the things I'm working out on this trip--how to maximize my word usage. I want to go back to my original plan of posting in pop culture phrases (see first entry of this blog) but I need to rework the idea. The important thing, however, is to never forget that first and foremost words are visual objects--elements of design.

With that in mind (and it won't be for much longer, as I take another hit and stretch out on my Days Inn balcony with a view of the highway), I'm into the look of both your graphics, Sterling. While rough, they're clean and concise, which is what you want. I'm even into the mistake you made. You want the name of your album to be Favorite Color--lieblings farbe is favorite color -- as in meine lieblings farbe ist orange. Liebling Farbe--which is what you wrote-- is like liebling ( Lovely) and Farbe (a last name, like Smith or Walton). So is farber or farba. It happens to mean color, just like Goldstein means gold stone. Your "Liebling Farbe" is like "Lovely Smith" as a title, and not "Favorite Color".

Get it? It's not what you intended, but I like it nevertheless. Actually, maybe it even works better. And it's so typical of you, Sterling. You've turned over this new leaf and you're trying so hard to be honest--to be for real, that you end up saying something you don't mean. You're all about the importance of being earnest in a century of fakers. I've still got your back, don't you worry. I remember back when we were kids, and you kept practicing wheelies on that fly BMX of yours. My parents wouldn't get me a "boys" bike, but that's another story. I remember the instant when you broke your knee--grimacing face, exposed rows of teeth. I still wonder--where does the blood go when it's spread across the sidewalk? It's washed away...washed clean gone, like all those cream soda and Wise potatoe chip afternoons when we sat barefoot on the couch after school and picked out how we would look from MTV, and picked off our scabs and drew guitars with impossibly long necks--the shape of the inground pool we'd share as rock stars.


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