Overheard in a diner in Fairplay, Colorado, where all the ditches have names:

"What are you going to do? Rob a 7-11 late at night with bright lights and your face on video? Or are you going to pick out a faggot with another faggot in the park after it closed, sucking each other's dicks in a new pick-up with a nice stereo system, who aren't even going to call the police because they're afraid somone will find out they're gay...Now tell me, which are you going to choose?"

OK, Fitz, point taken--the NaNoWriMo link from hell is gone. I got confused and for some reason thought it was the official site of NaNoWriMo, which is NaNoWriMo.org, in case anyone's interested. I was going to post the correct URL on the links list, but had a change of heart. If my personal code of decorum prohibits me from posting a site as masochistic as crack recovery.com, where alongside the typical quasi-religious recovering addict testimonials are flashing pictures of fat rails and pure white rock, then I should also draw the line at an organization encouraging well meaning souls to write an entire 175 page novel in one month. The site lists coping mechanisms and helpful links to fellow participants, which is a little like offering a bandaid to someone you just stabbed in the eye with a rusty nail.

Sterling, I didn't read your post from today, although the title intrigues me...I'm on batteries out here and it was too fucking long...

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