Vibe with me (far away, so close)

There's a starman waiting in the sky--he'd like to come and meet us but he's afraid he'd blow our minds...

Vibe with me. Fly with me. Release the emergency brake. Let yrself believe, tune into the frequency coming from the stars--at once here and THERE. Dasein. Like angels watching each one of us from above--their gaze is the scene as we see it in our mind's eye.

There's no interference--no need for abductions or Hollywood movie plots. The signal fits in between the ones we send--the swirling mass of cell phone calls and blackberry emails and text messages--it rides the waves of TV signals and radio-chit chat fuzz, peering down at us just like the fabled "Satellite of Love" sung by our grandfathers. Only this transmitter is invisible--flung far beyond the standard five senses, and yet in orbit with our very thoughts--it locks its razor sharp signal into the emotion flavored (happy cherry red? or feelin flat black?) docking station in the heart of the heart of our brains.

It's the message in the movies and the music--the one we hid from ourselves, it's in random acts of kindness and long stifled feelings of hope--

It's that which is everlasting in the shimmer of evening sun upon a river

The power of a sacrifice gladly made

A teenage rock anthem

A friendship overcoming betrayal

Love conquering all


Robert said...

you write everything i want to...

Dirty said...

thx for the shoutout so long ago, i got scared and gave up on my secret internet blog for awhile.

also i am in mad internets love with you.

Jennifer B said...

Oh, I've been vibing out to Bowie for a long time now, I swear if he wasn't already married... But then, there's Lou Reed and Elvis Costello who tickle my twat too. ;-)

long time - no see trueboy, hope life's treating you well.

qute said...

i like vibing witchu ... sooo much.

The Human Genome said...

Hello, true. I haven't spoken to you in many moons. Please gaze upon my most hidden portal of anger -

TRUE said...

It's so great to have old friends and new here on BTB. The world keeps turning, we keep burning: making art and making paths!

I'm so happy to get links to the new sites!

Follow me on Twitter if u arent already--k?


meg said...

too true we all vibe with you.

i am an old friend also. so many names and secrets that i won't even bother trying to explain or remember which ones you were in on.

glad you're still kicking it. you always were the goddam bomb.

TRUE said...

Still here! Still Queer! (never "gay")

Everyone is coming back. And new people are joining--it makes me think of LOTR--the scenes when everyone's gathering for battle and Gandalf is galloping around on his white horse.