Avatar Rock (i dont need 2 know y mix)

My Avatar is the Eye I became when I watched her die--a huge blue, all seeing eye, linked into the circuitry of the universe

That was her gift 2 me:

I see you seeing me seeing u seeing me.

(swoon summer suckapants)

I see the endless game of those who fixate upon that which they think will make them happy--perhaps another person, a job or an object--something that they purchase, something that they OWN.

I see the blowback of that special misery known as disappointment.

Instead why not try becoming a teenager again and going thru a new puberty that leaves u sensitized and soberly stoned off the wonders of the world all around u

I will be the Eye,

bloodless and cold

An Emerson to yr Whitman

Inspired. A Shimmering, reflective surface.

Watching, Seeing, Being seen

(the kids are makin avatar rock in their bedrooms after school)

Cue the music: it begins with a single note played by guitars and synth pads building over layers of instrumentation and samples--a cheering stadium crowd shimmers with glorious distortion as carnival melodies and whale calls and baby cries are dubbed into the mix. The wavy gravy production expands and spills over the sides before tightening into the syrupy thick bass riff from what sounds to me like Dr Dre's hit from '92, "Deep Cover" which is itself prolly sampling the riff from somewhere else.

Everything and everyone plays their part: Snoop Dogg and gangsta rap and chrome steel gunz blazing spaghetti western stylez--synth soundtracks scuttling like tumbleweed across the canyon floor. The unrelenting sun becomes Sauron's piercing gaze high above the peaks of Mordor and then the white glare of the projector beam as yr transported back into yr seat in the movie theater.

(there's a whole world in there)

I have an Avatar, therefore I am...


Anonymous said...

why don't you grow up?

TRUE said...

why should i listen to an anonymous coward?