Pioneer Daze

I love weekday mornings when i dont have to go to work. I feel so cozy listening to the traffic reports. Today I got to spacing out over something i read online--the hypothesis that because human females dont show obvious signs of being in heat (i.e., our butts dont turn red when we're ovulating) it was necessary for humans to develop symbols referring to things that were not immediately apparent. A woman would use a symbol to refer to her horniness or lack thereof.

Just think--a fuck me flag is at the root of every single thing every communicated by one human to another--all of the handshakes and butt wiggles and winks and thumbs-up and hoots and hollers and drunken speeches and break-up phone calls, not to mention shakespeare and receipts at the gas station and The Onion and "kick me" signs and all of those zillions of emails filling up SPAM folders as we speak.


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