New Age


In the same way that certain highly skilled MCs spit the realness of a situation and call witness to a way of being over the dj’s beats, I spin platters of words to create fake universes that overlay the “real” one. Writing=collecting and assembling. I like to cruise the middle class thoroughfares with my remote control out and my antennas UP. I imagine that I’m an archeologist from the future and that all this is picturesque ruins. For the sake of what they will not be able to find, I examine those things too ephemeral to survive into a new age, like food and paper and conversations. I try to read what I can in faces and body language. I take note of fashion—the way the denizens of NOW comb their hair and tie their sneaker laces. I try to rely on the tools that everyone has to piece together a situation. Intuition, foresight, hindsight…(the clock on the wall says a quarter past midnight) I occasionally take breaks to get something to eat and take a walk, with my iPod shuffle (Grimm) turned up and my antenna resting at half-mast and a bit droopy, like sailors on shore leave…

Velvet Underground, "New Age"

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vox theory said...

it is so given.

i like the idea of viewing the world thru the eyes of an archaeologist from the future looking at the ruins...i'm taking note of this.

~!jesseloop said...

you know, i took a class on archaeology and the movies, where we watched films like tomb raider, indiana jones(ser.) and the mummy, etc...and actually, there's something to this stuff, from both an anthropological and ethnographical standpoint. In addition, it's interesting.
vox theory is correct, it's noteworthy.
true, you're writing is a style all its own...as I'm hopeful mine is...(so that's a compliment:)

TRUE said...

thanks! i will be by.