The Master Builder (2012 Mix)

That last post wasn't about him. I mean, it wasnt NOT about him because so much of my sexual reality is wrapped up in the me i know thru being with him. That's the case with anything I write--i take bits and pieces and throw them together to make this big snickers bar of a text. There are bits of him scattered throughout everything.

The last post was fiction--from the book. This one is not, it's just me doing something close to a ferreal blog post, which obviously i'm mostly unable to do. Sometimes people who only know me in the real world will ask me, "Do you blog?" and strangely enough I don't feel bad when I tell them I don't.

I've so fiercely blended the book into the blog that i dont think this site will ever make sense again. Id like to think that its keeping me company, now as I get ready to do whatever it is Im going to do. And I guess that's enough. That it exists. Maybe not on Google or anywhere else, but in a halfway place between online and off.

A new place that I'm building.

the master builder


Anonymous said...

makes perfect sense to me.

Dirty said...

i've been following yr "blog" for years and really wanna be yr innernet friend.

TRUE said...

welcome, dirty friend.