Cuz if u post it, it will NOT come.

God forbid this dood gets assassinated while he's here. That would be the start of WW III fer sere.

"Ahmadinejad says Americans want to hear him"
--it has all the feeling of a set-up. He's here, fronting like he wants to pay his respects and what-not to Ground Zero, etc...I know im just yr garden variety stoned visionary, and I certainly believe that the American thing to do is to let him visit, and speak, but I'd be lying if I said the whole thing didn't make me a little uneasy, like he might be on some Japanese Pearl harbor sneak attack martyrdom steez.

Tonite, with the TV news focused on the gorgeous weather and my windows wide open, I listened to the late summer sounds of the city and savored the reprise of the season, buzzing with new possibilities for personal happiness, as we learn how to form networks of ever-changing video, music and text that seclude and segregate us from knowing about the horrors of the real world filled with all its real people who really want us really dead.

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.Ophelia. said...

did you find it humorous that he claims they don't have the 'problems' of homosexuality in his country like we do in the states?
I did.