Queer as Fuck.

I think about how Mary was only told bits and pieces about what was going to happen. They told her she was going to have the son of God but they didnt tell her that he would start a whole new religion and that people all around the world would worship her.

I think about all the people inside the towers, about all the things that went on that we ll never know about. The people who saved other peoples lives, and the people who could only think of themselves. All of them died together as victims.

I think about these things and other things I prolly shouldnt think too much about, but I do anyway.

I think about the what fors? the whys and how comes and wonder how the story is going to turn out.

I think about how i ll prolly never know and then i touch myself, smoke some more, get dressed in some Tokidoki and go to the wrong party where i exchange curious glances with the straights: the girls keep bumpin into me a little too hard in their mini dresses while the boys suck on their beer bottles while they watch me lean back... and I know that they know that i can make it happen, im the one, i can find a way

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