Back Again (4 the Very First Time Mix)

I’ve decided to live in the real world, just like Neo, only the blue pill I want to take is gonna give me a voice and turn me into the MC I’ve always been. I found my resolve as I lay on my side in bed this morning listening to the Kraftwerk and Emo-influenced keyboard crescendos and fake English accents on top of real Southern accents on a Spank Rock track and suddenly being overcome by aches and heart palpitations, and i told myself: it’s time for it to end. TRUE, Sterling and Fitz had to become one person.

I need to melt their personalities down—overcome the distinctions I’ve worked so hard to carve and turn everything I’ve authored over the past 4 years into molten lava nuggets.

I’m gonna wear that dense ass metaphorical bling around my neck as I take the myspace mic in my hand: the first innernet hip hop star of Generation NEXT.

I’m going to subsume them and become the characters—trade in the old me for the new one.

I’m gonna fake it so real I’m beyond fake.

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Anonymous said...

my subconscious isnt even subtle.